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Title: Take it and make it mine (for [ profile] femslash100 Challenge #51: Lust)
Author: Angie
Site: Girlie Stuff
Fandom: Jem (Misfits-centric)
Pairing: Pizzazz/Roxy
Rating: R
Word count: 200
A/N: OK, so I was writing for this challenge and Kaylee and Inara were refusing to make with the lust (they're so bloody obstinate sometimes), so Roxy and Pizzazz obliged. I never really write sex and I've never written Misfits!Fic before so this is a bizarre outing for me all round.

...the hunger's grown and grown... )
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I have developed a serious Firefly obsession. Please find below six drabbles, written for the Remainder challenge over at [ profile] femslash100 (am about to post them there too). All the drabbles are Kaylee/Inara in one way or another. They are not related to each other and can be read in any order, completely independently.

The challenges responded to are: #44 ~ gluttony, #45 ~ pride, #46 ~ wrath, #47 ~ envy, #48 ~ sloth and #49 ~ greed

Gluttony )

Pride )

Wrath )

Envy )

Sloth )

Greed )
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Title: Heat
Author: Angie
Fandom: D.E.B.S.
Pairing: Lucy/Amy
Rating: R
Word count: 100
A/N: Written for [ profile] femslash100 Challenge #29 ‘Summer’


The heat in Barcelona has nothing to do with the sun.

Lucy’s head is thrown back. Long, dark hair clings to a brow slick with sweat. Hands slide over enflamed flesh. Muscles clench in anticipation. Lips scorch across her abdomen, obscured from view by soft, blonde hair.

Amy lifts her head, her passion burning brightly. Lucy’s breath comes in short, hot, pants as she watches Amy move down her body, leaving fire in her wake. Her eyes close and she reaches to tangle her fingers in Amy’s hair.

The heat in Barcelona has nothing whatsoever to do with the sun.
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I've never drabbled's kinda fun.

Title: Droplets
Author: Angie
Fandom: Desperate Housewives
Pairing: Bree/Lynette
Rating: R
Word count: 100
A/N: Written for [ profile] femslash100 Challenge #24 ‘Wet’. This is set during the episode ‘Fear No More’


In advertising there’s an unwritten understanding that everything looks better wet. Wet equals sex.

As I watch her emerge from Gabrielle’s pool, water dripping from darkened tendrils of crimson hair, clothes clinging, I wholeheartedly subscribe to this view.

Droplets run down her face, making her skin glisten like she’s not of this world. She’s a Goddess born of water. I want to get down on my knees and worship her. I want to lick every drop of water from her body. I want to drown in her kisses.

But not now. For now I’ll watch. Later, we’ll get wet together.


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