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I posted on tumblr the other day saying that the fic I was writing would probably come with DVD extras. I wasn’t kidding. Something about this little fluffy fic was just...difficult. It felt unwieldy and I had to chop things out and change things around a lot, which I generally do not do. When I write a fic, I write a fic. I don’t do a whole lot of editing or changing. (Jesus, now this is starting to sound like a Director’s Commentary.) Anyway, below are some bits that were in the fic at various points, but now aren’t. Think of them as deleted scenes. And a couple of alternate endings.

Missing scenes – GiftsI wanted to come up with gifts for everyone to give Maura, but the gift giving portion of the fic was too much like a list and it felt weird to write them from Jane’s POV. So I fiddled around with what I had, and made them into individual drabbley things, from various POVs.


Angela watched Maura speak to her parents with a level of formality that had just never been there in her own family. She could never imagine standing on ceremony with her kids.

Jane had warned everyone not to make a big deal out of giving Maura her gifts. Maura still didn’t do great with crowds of people staring at her so Angela waited for her opportunity and caught Maura on her way back from the bathroom.

“Hey sweetie, having fun?”

“Oh my goodness, yes!” Maura’s eyes were shining like a little kid’s. “This is much more than I could ever have hoped for. I’m so touched that everyone has come together. It’s...lovely.”

“I’m glad, hon.” Angela curled a hand around Maura’s elbow and drew her aside. “Jane wanted this to be special for you.”

At the mention of her daughter’s name, Maura’s face lit up even more, her eyes flitting over the crowd until she located Jane, a soft smile curving her lips.

“Every moment I spend with Jane is special. She didn’t have to go to all of this effort.” Dragging her eyes away from the tall detective, she leaned close to Angela. “But I’m so grateful to her for doing it.”

Patting Maura’s arm, Angela smiled. “She’d walk through fire for you, you know that, right?”

A slight tremble on Maura’s lower lip had Angela glancing around, worried that Jane would appear out of nowhere and yell at her for making Maura cry.

“Hey now, you’ll get me in trouble.” Angela turned and took down a small box, tied with a ribbon, from a nearby shelf. She held it out to the younger woman. “Here.”

“Angela! You shouldn’t have!“

“It’s not much...just...something I wanted you to have.” Angela watched eagerly as Maura lifted the lid from the box and took out the piece of paper that was on top. Maura’s eyes danced over the words, and Angela knew that this time there would be no way of avoiding the tears. Watery eyes met her own.

“It’s your chicken soup recipe.”

“And you remember what the secret ingredient is, right?” Angela nodded towards the box and Maura reached in and brought out a jar labelled ‘Love’.


Covering Maura’s hand with her own, Angela made sure Maura was looking at her as she spoke.

“You and Janie have a lot of love between you. But sometimes things get hard and you just need that extra little pinch, okay?”

Without a word, Maura threw her arms around Angela, hugging her tightly and crying into her shoulder. As expected, Jane was by her elbow in seconds.

“Ma...what did you do?”

“Me? I didn’t do anything! Why d’you always think I did something?”

Maura lifted her head, thank God, to come to her rescue. She reached out for Jane’s arm and squeezed.

“She gave me a wonderful gift and I got a little emotional, that’s all.”

Angela noticed that the recipe and the jar were clasped tightly against Maura’s chest and smiled. A little love went a long way.


Tommy walked up to Maura and Jane a little while into the evening. Maura was holding up a stapler that was shaped like a tortoise to show Jane, who clearly thought it was the ugliest thing she’d ever seen. Maura was scolding her for whatever comment she’d made.

“Jane! Vince obviously picked this out specially and I love it.”

“Well, I guess that’s what counts. What’d Frost get you.”

“A bookmark.” Maura handed it over to Jane and let her read what was written on the leather bookmark. “’Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.’”

“Mark Twain, right?” Tommy put in, earning a delighted smile from Maura and a raised eyebrow from Jane.


“How’d you know that?” Jane questioned.

“I read a lot in prison. I liked Mark Twain.”

Truth was, he’d always enjoyed reading as a kid. But he fell away from it when he got in with a bad crowd in his teens and never really went back to it, until he’d found himself with time on his hands.

“You’re very surprising, Tommy.” Maura pronounced. “I like that.”

“Well...surprise!” He held out his gift. The wrapping was kinda crappy, but he was confident that she’d like what was inside.

“So many gifts!” Maura exclaimed, taking the oblong present. She turned to Jane. “Your mother is keeping them for me in a box in her bedroom so nothing gets misplaced, so you can add the ones from Barry and Vince to it for me.”

“Yes ma’am.” Jane trotted off obediently. Tommy had never seen his sister do what anyone told her right away. Sometimes she made it her business to do the opposite of what she was asked. But not with Maura. She totally was whipped.

Maura had removed the wrapping and was holding the wooden box, she looked very intrigued as she lifted the lid. Her smile was worth the little bit of extra cash he’d laid out on the present. It was a chess set, but the pieces were all people from the Civil War. He knew Maura was interested in all that stuff and when he saw it in the store, he was sure she’d love it.

“Tommy, this is beautiful. Really beautiful.”

“I’m glad you like it. I think I’ll enjoy beating you with these pieces.”

She laughed out loud just as Jane appeared by her shoulder.

“Wow, Tom, these are cool.”

“Tommy just challenged me to a match. Which you aren’t allowed to win for me, by the way.”

Jane grinned and shrugged in that cocky way of hers. “Hey, I can’t help it if the two of you suck.”

Maura rolled her eyes and leaned in to fake whisper to him. “Perhaps one day we can double team your sister?”

He couldn’t help it, his mind went there. Now, picturing Maura in all sorts of sexy situations was nothing new to Tommy, but Jane? Yeah, he wasn’t gonna go there. Jane smacked him on the back of his head.

“Ew! Not like that! Ew!”

“You musta thought that too or you wouldn’t know what I was thinkin’! But yeah, ew.”

Maura was looking between the two of them, and then realisation dawned.

“Oh...I...didn’t mean that in the way that both of you obviously took it. Though why either of you would think that about each other is, frankly, quite disturbing.”

“He thought it first!” Jane protested.

Maura shook her head and sighed, turning back to him with a smile. “Thank you for the lovely gift, Tommy. We’ll set up a match sometime soon.”

“Sure thing, Maura.”

They were interrupted when Maura’s mother cleared her throat and touched her daughter’s elbow.

“Darling, can I speak to you when you have a moment?”

“Of course, mother.” She turned to grace him with another dazzling smile. “Excuse me, Tommy. And thank you again.”

Jane leaned back against the counter beside him, taking a drink from the bottle of beer she’d been nursing. “That cost more than twenty bucks.”

He bristled, even though he’d half expected it. “It did. Which means I stole it, right?”

“No...I was just saying...”

“Yeah, well, maybe I decided she’s worth more than twenty bucks. She’s been real good to me. Her and ma...they’ve been the only ones...I never felt like they judged me.”

He didn’t look at her, thinking that she’d get defensive, which would make him get angry, and the last thing he wanted to do was cause a scene at Maura’s party.

“I...I’m sorry, that you feel like I judge you.”

That he hadn’t expected. He turned to look at his sister and saw that the apology was sincere. He nodded. They both turned to watch Maura talking to her mother and father.

“I could learn a few things from Maura, I guess.”

“We all could, Janie. She’s pretty special.”

He could pretty much hear Jane smiling. “Yeah...she is.”

He waited a beat.

“You lucky bitch.”

The punch to his shoulder lacked intent.

“You know it.”

He grinned. Whipped.


Constance Isles had always been aware that her parenting skills were below par. She’d known that she wasn’t a great mother, and that she was probably responsible for a lot of the problems her daughter had experienced while growing up. Had it not been for Jane, Constance might have gone her whole life, refusing to acknowledge the elephant in the room. But being around the Rizzolis made it almost impossible to exist on a polite, distant level and, slowly but surely, Constance felt like she was finally getting to have the relationship with her daughter that she hadn’t even known she craved.

Receiving this invitation from Jane, which came with a hardly veiled at all reference to the fact that Maura had chosen her own gifts from herself and her husband for years, was very welcome. In the past, Constance had never wanted to assume that Maura would want to spend her birthday with family. Perhaps she should have asked. Perhaps she would ask next year. For now, she was content to see how well loved her child was by this odd assortment of people.

Jane had been the catalyst for change in their lives, and Constance was grateful for that. Seeing the comfortable way Maura interacted with Jane always took Constance by surprise. While she’d seen Maura with suitors over the years, she had never been overly demonstrative of her affections with them. But with Jane, there was no mistaking their feelings.

She watched as Jane’s brother gave Maura a gift, and waited until it looked like the conversation was coming to an end. She stepped up behind Maura and touched her arm lightly.

“Darling, can I speak to you when you have a moment?”

“Of course, mother.”

Maura excused herself from the conversation and followed her mother to a quiet corner of the room. Constance knew it was ridiculous to feel nervous about having a simple conversation with her own child, but she wasn’t like the Rizzolis and it didn’t come naturally. Smiling through her nerves, she reached into her purse and brought out a flat, square, blue leather box. It wasn’t wrapped and she knew that Maura would recognise it as soon as she saw it.

She heard the sharp intake of breath and looked up to find Maura with her hand resting on her chest.

“ that...”

“Yes.” She opened the box to reveal an antique pearl necklace. “It’s your grandmother’s.”

Maura reached out to touch the soft velvet that lined the inside of the case, her fingers barely brushing against the necklace itself. She lifted her eyes to meet her mother’s.

“Why...why is it here?”

Constance took a fortifying breath.

“I want you to have it.”

“What? No! I mean...grandmother left it to belongs to you.”

“And now it belongs to you.” Constance closed the case and held it out for Maura to take. “I know you love it. I remember you used to ask to wear it when you were a little girl. You would sit at the table wearing the pearls and my shoes, sipping from an empty tea-cup.”

A tear was making its way slowly down Maura’s cheek and Constance reached out on instinct to halt its progress, cupping her hand under Maura’s chin after she’d wiped it away.

“I...I was pretending to be you. I wanted to be like you.”

“Oh, darling...and now I want to be like you.”

Whether it was the Rizzoli influence, or just the intensity of the moment, something prompted Constance to wrap her arms around her only daughter and hold her close, the box pressed between them. Feeling Maura squeeze her back tightly, Constance felt, possibly for the first time, that she’d done something right. It wasn’t long before they pulled away, both wiping at tears and laughing at themselves.

“People must think we’re ridiculous!” Constance glanced around, but no-one was sparing them a passing glance, except Jane, who winked at her and nodded.

“I don’t think our actions would be deemed inappropriate in this setting,” Maura assured her, still wiping at her own eyes. “Goodness, it’s a wonder I have anything left in my lachrymal glands!”

“Would...would you like me to put the necklace on for you? I think it will go splendidly with the dress.”

“I would like that very much....thank you.”

Maura turned around and lifted her hair. Constance found her hands were shaking as she lifted the heirloom from the case and draped it around her daughter’s neck, fastening the catch with a little difficulty. As she was doing so, Jane approached them, coming to stand in front of Maura. She reached out and touched the necklace.

“This is almost as beautiful as you are.”

Maura smiled and dipped her head, pressing her face into Jane’s shoulder and Constance’s heart swelled to see how happy she was.

“Thank you for inviting me tonight, Jane. It’s been a lovely evening so far.”

Wrapping an arm around Maura’s shoulders, Jane smiled. “You’re welcome. But you know you don’t need an invitation, right? God knows, my mother doesn’t wait for one.”

Constance looked to Maura for a reaction and found her nodding. “Absolutely, I’d love to see more of you.” She looked up at Jane. “We both would.”

“I...I would like that. I’ll, I’ll make sure to visit more often.”

The delight on Maura’s face almost broke Constance’s heart and she wondered how she could have failed to notice before that Maura wanted to spend time with her.


Jane closed her eyes and sighed. “Speak of the devil.” She turned to see her mother barrelling towards them. “Ma, her name is Constance.”

“No, please. Connie makes me feel young again. It’s what my schoolmates called me.”

“See? It makes her feel young!” Angela stuck her tongue out at Jane. “Connie, you gotta come try this drink Vince made. It’s called a Slippery Nipple!” She started tugging on Constance’s arm, making her laugh.

“I’ll speak to you later, darling,” she called out as she was dragged away.

Maura smiled and waved, before turning to face Jane and becoming lost in her once again.

Constance arrived in the midst of a raucous crowd in the kitchen area and had a small glass thrust into her hand.

She couldn’t remember ever feeling more at home.


Frank Rizzoli Jr was not blessed with natural charisma like his siblings. Tommy and Jane had that something that their mother had that just drew people to them. Frankie took after his father. He’d much rather watch from afar, quietly, than jump into the middle of things. But he couldn’t wait much longer. The party was kind of winding down and a couple of times he’d been worried that Jane and Maura were gonna leave, but they always got snagged by someone and stuck around.

He felt awkward about giving Maura a gift. Not because he didn’t like her. He really, really liked her. When he’d first met her, back when she’d been Jane’s ‘best friend’, he had indulged in a few fantasies about going all Rizzoli on her and sweeping her off her feet. Those fantasies died a death when it became clear that Maura was only interested in one particular Rizzoli, and it wasn’t Frankie. And now, they were friends...practically family. But he still felt weird about his gift.

From the corner of his eye, he saw Jane take Maura’s hand and gesture towards the door, and he guessed that it was now or never.

“Hey Maura!” The words were out before he’d even realised he was going to say them.

Both Maura and Jane turned to face him. Maura smiled in that way that always made him blush. She made her way over, pulling Jane behind her.

“Frankie, I don’t think I’ve even had a chance to say hello to you this evening! I’m sorry.”

“Hey, it’s your party. Gotta do the social thing, right?”

“Tell me about it.” Jane wrapped her arms around Maura’s waist from behind. “I wanted her all to myself but I’ve been a good girl and shared her all evening.”

Maura turned to smile up at his sister and he found himself longing for someone who looked at him like that. Even someplace close to that. Not wanting to intrude on them for longer than necessary, he thrust a bulky envelope at Maura.

“Here, this is for you.”

“Oh, Frankie, thank you!” She didn’t even know what it was yet, and she was already so happy. He looked down and shuffled his feet, trying to hide his shy smile as she opened the envelope. He risked a glance up and saw Maura holding the pack of Life Savers candy in one hand, while both she and Jane read the content of the card. He could recall it word for word, because he’d sweated over each and every one of them.

“Happy Birthday Maura.
I want you to know that I’m happy you’re part of our family, and that you make Jane happy. Thank you for saving my life. I hope maybe this will help to save other people.
Love, Frankie.”

He’d put in the confirmation of a donation he’d made to Doctors Without Borders in Maura’s name.

“Frankie...I...” He looked up and saw that she was struggling to speak. Even Jane was sniffling a little. He tried to shrug, rubbing nervously at the back of his neck.

“I just...I know you worked with them, and I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you so I figured I could give something back, ya know?”

“It’s a really thoughtful gift, Frankie. Thank you.”

He blushed again, and it deepened when she wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug. Then another set of arms wrapped around both of them.

“You did good, Junior.”

Something loosened inside him, hearing that his sister’s words. It was stupid, but it still meant so much to him when she approved of what he did. Hoping that his face wasn’t too red, and his grin wasn’t too dopey, he pulled back.

“Well, it looked like you guys were about to call it a night. I don’t want to hold you back.”

Maura nodded and went up on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek, while Jane mussed his hair, laughing as she dragged Maura away. Maura turned to wave over her shoulder at him.

“Goodnight, Frankie!”

He watched them go with a smile. Maura and Jane gave Frankie hope that one day he’d be happy like they were.


Alternate Ending - So, originally this kicked in after Maura and Jane had left the party. But I felt it meandered and went nowhere and tried to bring too much in at once and had too many deep and meaningful conversations in quick succession. So I scrapped it. But it’s here if you’re interested.


“Okay, so now I get to give you your real gift.”

“Jane! You’ve given me so much already today. I told you that I onl-“

Jane covered Maura’s lips with a single finger.

“Just listen for a sec, okay? It’s probably misleading to call it this a gift, because it’s kinda beat-up and second hand and you’ve been using it for a while...”

Maura’s forehead crinkled in confusion. Jane removed her finger from Maura’s mouth and took both of her hands into her own, rubbing her thumbs over her knuckles. She looked up and met Maura’s curious stare.

“Okay, so you told me once that you don’t know how to ask for things, and that’s been pretty obvious over the last few weeks.” Her lips turned up into a smile. “In fact, the only thing you’ve been pretty consistent in asking to be with me.”

Maura smiled in return, a slight blush dappling her face and neck. “I have, haven’t I? I’m getting better...”

Unable to resist the picture of a smiling, blushing Maura, Jane leaned in and briefly brought their lips together. When she pulled back, she inhaled deeply and let out a shaky breath. Maura squeezed her hands, head tilted to the side in a question.

“I...guess I just, I know that I want to show you that you can be with me forever, if that’s what you want.”

Maura let go of Jane’s left hand, her own hand flying to her chest.


“Shhh, Maur, let me say this.” Jane’s voice was barely a whisper and she cleared her throat and swallowed in an attempt to get the words out. “I want to...I was trying to think of something to say that kinda summed us up, but I’m not you and my vocabulary only goes so far, you know? If there are words to describe how I feel about you, then I don’t know them. But what I do know is that I never want to be without you. And I know it’s not a guarantee or anything, but I wanted to do something to show you that I’m yours...and you’re mine.”

Tugging Maura’s hand gently, she led her to the fireplace. There, amongst the expensive art pieces and tribal carvings, was a tacky pewter figure of an elephant that Maura had insisted on buying during their first date and displaying in pride of place. On its trunk was a new addition; a diamond ring.

A sob escaped Maura’s throat and she covered her mouth, looking up at Jane with tear-filled eyes. Jane blinked back her own tears as she took the ring off the elephant’s trunk. She was still holding onto Maura’s hand as she knelt down on one knee, causing another sob to erupt. She held up the ring between her thumb and forefinger. It was a classic design; sleek and simple and all the more beautiful for it. Jane had known that, if she’d asked, her mother would have given her her grandmother’s ring. But she wanted something that was just for her and Maura, something new that was just theirs and no-one else’s. She grinned.

“So, Maura Isles, goofy, adorable, amazing love of my life...will you marry me?”

It appeared that Maura was incapable of speech. Her lip was trembling violently and tears were streaming down her face. After what felt like an eternity, to Jane at least, she finally gave up on trying to speak, and just nodded, and collapsed onto her knees beside Jane, throwing herself into her arms and hugging her tightly.

“That was a ‘yes’, right?”

More nodding, this time into Jane’s shoulder. Jane chuckled in relief and squeezed Maura.

“Okay, maybe we’ll just tell people that you said yes out loud...can I put the ring on your finger now?”

Maura lifted her head and wiped her eyes hurriedly, smudging her make-up in the process. She smiled and Jane thought she had never seen anything more beautiful.

“Ask...ask me again.” Maura’s voice was still shaking. “Ask me so that I can reply properly.”

Jane shook her head. From their position on the floor, Jane once again took Maura’s hand. But this time she leaned in and kissed her soundly, pulling away just enough to whisper two words.

“Marry me?”

“Yes.” The word was little more than an exhalation against Jane’s lips, but it lifted up her heart and spun it around. Lifting Maura’s hand, Jane slipped the ring onto the correct finger. Maura’s fingers instinctively linked with her own as she looked down to assess the ring.

“If you don’t like it we ca-“

“I love it. It’s beautiful. It’s perfect.” Maura met her eyes, fresh tears spilling over. “Just like you.”

“I’m no-“

“Yes, you are. You’re perfect for me. And I’m perfect for you. And I don’t care how imprecise a term that is. It fits us.”

Jane looked down at their joined hands, bringing them to rest over her heart.

“It kinda does, huh?”

“It does,” Maura confirmed with a decisive nod. “And we’re getting married.”

“Wow...that sounds so weird. Good weird. Excellent weird.” Jane tried it out for herself. “We’re getting married. I’m marrying Maura Isles. Maura’s marrying me.” She rubbed her nose against Maura’s. “You’re going to be my wife.”

“I am. And you will be mine. And...Jane, I can’t tell you how happy you’ve made me.”

“Well I guess that makes us even, because you’ve made me happy for a very long time.” She kissed Maura gently. “So, was I right? Is this the best birthday ever?”

“Without a doubt, this is the best birthday I’ve ever had...all because of you.” Maura’s eyes widened. “Oh! I almost forgot!” She pushed herself up from the floor and got to her feet, only to immediately kneel back down and pull Jane against her.

“ almost forgot what?”

Maura’s gentle laugh was warm against her neck. “I forgot that I had bought something for you...and that I had something to ask you.” She picked up her head and narrowed her eyes playfully at Jane. “But you’ve stolen my thunder a little on that front. And to answer the implied question in your actual question, the reason got up and then came back is that when I let go of you, I realised that it was a bit premature...I still want to hold onto this feeling. And, by extension, to you.”

“That was a long-ass way of telling me you want to hug me for a little longer.”

“I want to hug you for a little longer.”

Burying her nose in Maura’s hair, Jane held her tighter. “I am more than okay with that.”

After a few moments, Maura loosened her grip and smiled beautifully at Jane.

“Okay, more hugging later. Right now, it’s my turn to do the asking.”

After helping each other up from where their knees had stiffened up on the floor, Jane trailed behind Maura to the kitchen where Maura retrieved a bottle of champagne from the fridge.

Catching sight of the label, Jane’s eyebrows shot up. “Hey, that’s the good stuff!”

“Lefevre Brut, yes.” Maura poured two generous glasses and handed one to Jane. “I do pay attention, you know. And I think the occasion more than merits it, don’t you?”

Jane accepted the glass and took a sip, closing her eyes and letting out a low moan that usually only escaped her when Maura was touching her in quite specific places.

“God, that is as amazing as I remember it being.”

“This is sort of redundant now, because I assume, and you know I don’t do that lightly, that implicit in your proposal of marriage was an understanding that we would live together. But I’ve built up to this for a long time and I want to ask you.” Maura stopped and inhaled deeply. “Jane, I would like us to live together. Really together, where we have a house that belongs to both of us and you don’t feel the need to comment on ‘my’ carpets and ‘my’ art. I want everything to be ours. Now that we’re getting married.” Jane grinned at the smile that naturally appeared on Maura’s face as she said those words. “Everything will be ours. But I don’t want to wait anymore. I want us to live together, Jane. Now. Right now. Immediately. I want you never to leave me to go ‘home’ again. I want Joe to be ours and Bass to be ours. I want us to have a home that’s ours.”

Jane had listened to Maura’s ramble, feeling something swell almost to bursting point in her chest.

“So, let me get this straight…what I’m picking up from you is that…you want us to live together?”

Maura slapped her shoulder. “Jane! I’m being serious!”

Placing both of their champagne glasses on the counter, Jane pulled Maura into her arms and kissed her until she whimpered.

“Maura, I want that too. I want all of that.”

“Then let’s do it. Tomorrow we can go out and find somepl-“

“What’s wrong with here?” Jane interjected. She’d just assumed they’d live at Maura’s.

“Well…nothing, but it’s…I thought you might want something that was new to both of us, so that it would be ours from the beginning?”

“Maura, we could live under a bridge for all I care. Here is fine. I can start contributing to the mortga-“ Maura was shaking her head. “Of course you don’t have a mortgage. Well, we can…get some kind of shared bank account thing for bills and stuff. And I guess we’ll need one of those pre-nup thingies?”

“A pre-nup?” Maura looked appalled. “Jane, we do not require a pre-nuptial agreement.”

“Uh…I think you’ll find that people who are super-rich who marry people who…aren’t super-rich usually like a piece of paper that says they get to keep their money if they…”

“If they what? Split up?” Maura grabbed Jane’s shoulders and pulled her close. “Jane, if we need to write a pre-nuptial agreement about anything it should be my heart. Because that’s what would be at risk if we split up. I couldn’t care less about the money.”

Jane melted. Literally, felt herself become soft and pliable under Maura’s touch. She shook her head and reached out to open a drawer, groping around until she found a notebook and pen. She manoeuvred them so that Maura was standing in front of her. Her arms were around Maura’s waist and her chin resting on her shoulder.

“Okay, how about we write our own pre-nup, right here?”


Without further elaboration, Jane started writing, her messy scrawl quickly filling up the blank sheet of paper.

“I, Jane Rizzoli, being of mostly sound mind and slightly damaged body, do hereby swear to always protect the heart of one Maura Isles, entrusted to my care.

If said heart is ever hurt through my actions or omissions, it is agreed that I will bestow as many kisses and hugs as are required to rectify the situation – quantity to be determined by the aforementioned Maura Isles.

It is my intention that this agreement will be in effect as long as we both shall live.

Jane Rizzoli.”

Signing her name with a flourish, Jane dropped a kiss on Maura’s neck.

“How’s that for a pre-nup?”



Alternate Proposal Method - This was one of my initial ideas for how Jane could propose to Maura. It’s bloody hard to think of exciting/different proposal scenes, so I’d thought that Jane could make a book for Maura’s birthday, but leave spaces for Maura to fill in the blanks. It would have gone thusly...

The Story of Jane and Maura

Once upon a time, on the Southside of Boston, a little girl lived in a wooden house with her crazy family. The little girl was strong, athletic and did not look anything like a frog. The little girl’s name was Jane.

[Pics of Jane when she was little – Baby pic, Roly Poly Rizzoli and then Gangly Teen!Jane]


In a mansion in a land far, far away, lived another little girl. This little girl was smart and pretty and enjoyed cutting up frogs. She was in no way weird or boring. This little girl’s name was Maura.

[bb!Pics of Maura, Maura winning a science fair, Maura graduating]


The two little girls should never have met. They came from different classes. They came from different worlds. But it just so happened that one of the little girls grew up to be a kick-ass detective and the other grew up to be the Chief Medical Examiner.

One dark, rainy evening, they met over a dead gangbanger. (Who had been stabbed, by the way.)

It was like fate. Jane thought Maura was pretty.

Maura thought Jane was ______________.

[A crime scene photo of Jane and Maura talking]


The women quickly became friends. They laughed together and drank together. They worked together and played together. They even slept together from time to time.

Jane thought Maura was goofy and amazing.

Maura thought Jane was __________ and ____________ .

[Pics of them at the precinct and the Dirty Robber.]


One day, a bad man entered Jane and Maura’s world. He came to where they worked and hurt Jane’s brother and scared Maura. Jane did something kinda silly, but she made sure the bad man couldn’t hurt anyone else.

When she woke up in the hospital, the most beautiful woman in all the world was sitting by her bedside, holding her hand. Jane knew then that she loved Maura with all of her heart.

Maura ________________________________________________.

[News clipping about the shooting]


It took a few weeks, but Jane eventually got her head out of her ass and told Maura how she felt. Maura said she loved Jane too. Jane was the happiest woman in the world.

Maura ________________________________________________.

[Pic of Jane with a cheesy grin – possibly taken by herself on her cellphone, and therefore missing half her face]


Jane took Maura to the zoo and they started dating. Maura quickly became part of Jane’s crazy family, and Jane grudgingly started to kinda like Maura’s turtle. _______________ (For Maura’s correction.)

[Pic of Jane and Maura in front of the elephant enclosure]


Jane and Maura still laughed together and drank together. They still worked together and played together. And sleeping together got a whole lot more fun. And Jane soon discovered that she wanted to be with Maura forever.

So, on Maura’s birthday, Jane wrote Maura a silly story and asked Maura to marry her.

Maura said __________ .
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